Ana Hermina Ghenu

E-mail: ahghenu at


Short Bio

 I completed my B.Sc. in evolution at the University of Toronto (2010) and my M.Sc. in molecular evolution at McMaster University (2015), both in Ontario, Canada. After working as a programmer and lab manager in the lab of Claudia Bank at the IGC, I joined the IGC’s Integrative Biology & Biomedicine Ph.D. program in 2016.  I am co-supervised by Isabel Gordo and Claudia Bank for my thesis work.

Research Interests

My general interest is in understanding how evolutionary processes shape genomes. I am particularly fascinated by the selective forces that different environments exert on a given genome. My Ph.D. research integrates fitness landscapes theory with bacterial experimental evolution in order to understand antibiotic resistance across environments.


* indicates equal contribution
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A.-H. Ghenu, B.M. Bolker, D.J. Melnick, and B.J. Evans. (2016) Multicopy gene family evolution on primate Y chromosomes. BMC Genomics, 17: 157.                                 doi: 10.1186/s12864-015-2187-8

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