Adaptation Within Ecosystems


All natural populations are constantly subject to new mutations, and frequently face new environments, to which they adapt. Knowledge of the genetics of adaptation should provide the centre piece of a unified theory of evolution. Despite its extreme importance, the process of adaptation is far from being understood. How does the shape of distribution of fitness effects of mutations depend on the environment? How do biotic interactions affect the speed and mode of adaptation? are still open questions.

Experimental evolution with bacteria presents us with the opportunity to directly measure key parameters and to test theoretical predictions about the genetic basis of adaptive evolution in increasingly complex ecosystems. As Dobzansky pointed out “The greater the diversity of inhabitants in a territory, the more adaptive opportunities exist in it”.

In this project we combine different methods in a novel experimental evolution system to study adaptation of Escherichia coli in the context of its antagonistic interaction with cells of the innate immune system macrophages. The main goal of this research project is to measure rates and effects of adaptive mutations, as well as patterns of epistasis amongst beneficial mutations in environments with different strengths of abiotic versus biotic interactions.

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