Luís Cardoso

E-mail: lcardoso at


Short Bio

I am a PhD student from the Integrative Biology and Biomedicine Programme at the IGC. I graduated in Biology, I did a Specialization in Applied Microbiology in 2011 and I obtained a Masters in Evolutionary Biology and Development in 2013, in the University of Lisbon.

Research Interests

I have very broad interests within Biology. I see this Science as a whole, and I am deeply interested in understanding biological phenomena from the molecular to the ecological level. Currently, my research interests are focused on Evolutionary Ecology and Biotic Interactions.

I am interested in studying how natural selection, an evolutionary process which is typically selfish, can end up promoting stable polymorphisms. Namely, I want to know how adaptive loss of function of public good-related genes can give rise to dependencies between different strains within a species of bacteria. I also want to study if these dependencies are more prone to appear and stabilize in more complex environments and in the presence of a diverse bacterial community.