Massimo Amicone

E-mail: mamicone at


Short Bio

I am currently a PhD student, part of the Integrative Biology and Biomedicine PhD programme (IBB 2017/18) at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia (IGC) in Oeiras, Lisbon. I completed my M.Sc in Bioinformatics (2017) and my B.Sc in Mathematics (2014) at the University of Bologna in Italy.

 Research Interests

 Generally speaking, my interests consist in understanding the mechanisms that are responsible for the origin and the maintenance of biological diversity, from the molecular up to the population level. I see evolution as a vertical bridge connecting the nested levels of biological systems and as a key to model their interactions.

 My PhD project, in collaboration with Claudia Bank’s Lab ( regards the study of microbiomes’ dynamics from an Eco-Evolutionary perspective. Adopting a theoretical approach, I want to understand how evolutionary processes (mutations and horizontal gene transfer) and ecological interactions intertwine and shape complex microbial communities, namely, the mammalian gut microbiome. A major focus is the study of emergent phenomena that are able to generate or disrupt biological diversity and stability.