Recommended by F1000: Our new Review on Evolutionary mechanisms shaping the maintenance of antibiotic resistance

F1000 Recommendations:

“This is an exceptionally well-written review of the evolutionary mechanisms influencing the maintenance of antibiotic resistance, focusing on the fitness cost, compensatory evolution, epistasis, and environmental effects on these evolutionarymechanisms. The review provides an accessible introduction to those in the field of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) who have yet to consider (to any significant degree) the evolutionary mechanisms behind resistance generation and maintenance. However, it is no doubt a valuable review for all in the field, with excellent references and clear figures.
I would recommend this as mandatory reading for all in the field of AMR: students and their supervisors, alike! I feel the review serves as a call to researchers to conduct studies that target the critical knowledge gaps highlighted in the review. It also speaks to the funding bodies calling for an improved understanding of the fundamental science of AMR evolutionary mechanisms, as this can provide insights into novel drug targets as well as more informed risk assessments, which will inevitably lead to more appropriate and cost-effective mitigation strategies.”

- Andrew C Singer

“This is an excellent and thorough review on the evolutionary mechanisms that allow (and determine) antimicrobial resistance. It provides an excellent introduction to the range of factors and mechanisms involved and will be useful to students beginning research projects and experienced researchers alike.”

- Adrian Mulholland